Yoga can be translated as “union” and is a complete system aimed at refining the workings of the mind through physical and mental practices. Our true nature is one of bliss and happiness. Practising all aspects of yoga regularly (not just the physical postures) can help us return to this wonderful state of being. Yoga can have many positive effects on the body’s working systems and a consistent practice over time that includes asana (the physical postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation may improve mental/physical health and wellbeing.

You may find that after practicing yoga regularly over time, you experience:

  • A deeper connection with you true nature
  • Improved sleep
  • Less stress
  • Improved strength and flexibility
  • Toned and lean muscles
  • Improved joint stabilisation and functionality
  • An overall feeling of being more calm and balanced



My name is Emily (Emmy), and thank you for visiting Be Well Yoga! I was first introduced to yoga over 10 years ago and I am grateful every day for this practice that continues nourish my soul as well as keeping my physical body healthy.

Over the years I have suffered from many stresses and anxieties within my personal life and relationships that have diminished greatly through my practice of yoga. This practice has taught me so much about myself; it provides me with mental clarity to see things as they are, to more regularly access stillness, peace and contentment and the ability to accept the things I need to. Yoga is a life long journey of experiencing and learning and if you are open to it, a truly transformational practice.

Having experienced this transformational power, I am genuinely passionate about sharing yoga with the community and would love for you to connect with me. I really believe that anyone and everyone can benefit from yoga in many different ways and that classes should be accessible to all levels, especially beginners. I also believe in taking a safe, consistent and holistic approach to this practice (not just practising the physical postures) to maximise the benefits yoga has to offer.

I hold a 500 hour yoga teaching certification and I am a registered member of YOGA AUSTRALIA (member number 4522). I am dedicated to ongoing study and professional development and am conscious of adhering to the traditional wisdom whilst integrating a western scientific approach to be sure to teach all aspects of yoga both genuinely and safely. 

I am also a lover and constant creator of healthy vegetarian food (see blog for recipes) and a singer/songwriter (music page here). I would love to see you in one of my classes and share with you this wonderful form of amazingness that is Yoga.

Sharing peace and wellbeing,

OM SHANTI! Emmy xo


Group classes/ Private/ Semi Private/Corporate yoga/ Retreats/ Functions

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Byron Yoga Centre, Byron Bay - 200 hour Teacher Training

Yoga Arts, Ubud, Bali - 300 hour Teacher Training

Yoga Psychology workshop, Melbourne -  with Michael de Manincor and Janet Lowndes

Diploma in Guiding and Teaching Meditation, Australian Centre for Holisitc Studies - Currently Completing

6 month Professional Mentorship Program - with Amy Landry 

12 month Professional Mentoring  - with Michael de Manincor